Thursday, 27 August 2015

Human Hair Weaves

It is woven directly with the roots of the natural hair. The second method involves using special glue to stick the hair extension to the natural hair. Human hair has three layers of protein. The inner is called the medulla, the next is called cortex and the outermost is called the cuticle. To get hair with their cuticle intact and pointing the same direction, it is important to get the service of professional collectors who properly cut the hair off the scalp. The one's that have not been colored or treated are called cuticle hair.

It's all about personal preference when a woman decides to invest in a human hair weave. Countless debates are written on the concept of devices that alter ones own natural beauty. The basic instinct of most species is for the male to go to great lengths to attract the female. The male lion wears a head full of hair for its mane. Seriously though, there's a reason we have several salons in towns offering hair weaving and extension stylists.

Women want to feel and look beautiful. Women want to recapture their youth. Women want the glamour that they think long locks will bring them. Despite the damage falsifying her hair can do to her emotional psyche, actual hair texture and growth, and potential hazardous health problems a woman wants men to think she's sexy and exciting.

Bald patches, split ends and breakage will have replaced natural hair that could have been conditioned to be luscious and beautiful.

You may have heard the term "human hair weave" and been totally baffled by it. A scarf or sweater woven from human hair? If you don't want to risk permanent damage to your hair by coloring, perming or chemically straightening it, a wholesale hair weave might be the best answer. You might be thinking: "But won't a hair weave make me look trashy? Just make sure your stylist is using a real human hair weave -- not a synthetic one.
First, your stylist will order the hair from a reputable dealer. Avoid washing your hair for about two weeks after the weave is installed. Never try to undo your hair weave by yourself.