Wednesday, 22 October 2014

What is Hyperlocal News

Leeds Breaking News
This leaves smaller communities and suburbs without their traditional main source of news.It is called "hyperlocal" news, with some examples including sites like EveryBlock,,, Placeblogger, and Patch. Unlike traditional news media entities, hyperlocal news sites don't rely exclusively on professional journalists. Instead, many of the sites use a mix of freelance and in-house content to fill up the web pages.

Hyperlocal sites also vary widely in look and function - some are closer to a traditional news organization with a full-blown news staff that produces stories and interviews. Other sites create something closer to a community calendar that highlights local happenings and activities. Instead of hard news coverage, the site may contain a lot of human interest features and profiles of various community members.

Placeblogger, however, is a collection of local blogs about your community. Whichever format wins out, it is pretty apparent that local news, especially in suburbs or smaller communities, is moving to the web., is a news aggregator. It's collect headlines from different News Services like Leeds local news . and here's a statement from founder. “I am the creator and owner of this portal. It took 18 months to get this website up and running since the idea of launching it first emerged. It's been hard work, but I strongly hope that I've been able to accomplish my goal, and this website will be helpful to you. The idea of our website is simple: to aggregate news from other news sources, helping our users to quickly and accurately analyse information”.

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